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ReverbNation Crowd Review of Leave:

Very unique sound to this song. It had a mix of a haunting yet fun quality, which I found interesting. This was different from other songs I'm used to, definitely had its own feel and style.

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The Word on the Street

Wow, the Steve Kirchuk Trio session has got to be the best I ever heard you Vocally, really awesome! Nice Steve!!!

Mike Kertesz, Long Time Fan

Steve has a terrific stage presence on top of being a dynamic player.

Melanie Thiel, WNTI Radio

wow .. didn't know you played guitar - I thought you just played the 7-string bass ..

Jam-Bone fan

I'm so excited for Steve's solo album!! Steve Kirchuk is one of my very favorite artists!!

Jewels Quelly

Steve Kirchuk has played with a host of bands over the years, including Jam-Bone. Recently he launched a solo career. His guitar work and passionate singing bring his music to life in a way that other musicians cannot match. Steve’s interpretations of cover songs are second to none, and his originals have meaning on their own.

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